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pirate ship dessert table

Skulls, masted ships and treasure can only mean one thing… a Pirate Party! Debbie of Wants and Wishes called on Captain Austin’s crew to sail the seas and plunder all the tasty sweets on this fabulous dessert-table-turned-pirate-ship. ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Mini “pirate ships” fashioned from cupcake wrappers & loaded with “gold bars”
  • Food labels cleverly displayed on glass bottles turned sideways
  • “Cherry canon balls” & printable treasure chests filled with (chewy!) treasure

paper treasure chest

pirate party ideas

pirate flag printables

pirate ship cupcakes

pirate party treats

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Debbie

Come set sail on a Pirate Adventure. Your Matey’s will be sure to have a swashbuckle of a good time upon your own pirate ship! I created this table for my nephew Austin…. he loves all things pirate. I wanted something fun, creative and interactive. The idea came to me the night before the party and I loved the results. Everyone felt as if they were boarded upon The Austie!


We loaded our ship with lots of treats! We had mini treasure chest (part of our printable package) full of gumballs and “gold”. Pirate ship cupcake wrappers that we created into miniature pirate ships filled with gold bricks and placed on our water paper to appear like they were setting sail upon the sea. Chocolate cupcakes and bowl full of pirate loot ring pops. We wanted to create fun and creative food labels, so we attached our food labels to glass jars and se them on their side. (If you are worried about them rolling off the table you can place a strip of double stick tape or a couple glue dots and it will keep them secure and in place.

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