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andy warhol cocktail party

A pop-art/Warhol-inspired party has always sounded like so much fun to me….with all the vibrant colors and funky patterns/design elements that come with his style – it’s the perfect excuse to create a fun & genuinely “outside-the-box” experience for party guests!

There are so many directions you could take with this theme, but these cool new Warhol Quote Plates from cb2 (only $1.50 each!) inspired me to create a mini cocktail (or mocktail) party inspiration board with a few decorative ideas to kick things off. Feel free to add additional ideas in the comments! I have a feeling this concept may call for a full party theme in the near future…

andy warhol cocktail party

Pictured above:

1. Warhol-inspired Buttons
Use these – combined with wide ribbon or strips of decorative paper – to create themed napkin rings or as vase embellishments. ($1 each at Button Bunny)

2. Whimsy Fringe Ribbon
Perfect for dressing up vases, stemware, and party favors. ($4.99 at Container Store)

3. Go Bananas!
Warhol’s “Banana” is one of his most recognizable works. Play on this fun fact with banana-inspired decor. A few ideas:
• Fill bowls with colorful paper shred then place bananas on top.
• Fill wide glass cylinder vases with bananas, then embellish the outside of the vase with colorful fringe ribbon, striped or zig-zagged all the way up the vase.
• Serve banana-themed cocktails (Funky Monkey, Banana Split, etc) – or non-alcoholic Banana Smoothies.
• Set out bowls of banana-flavored candy like Laffy Taffy or Runts and/or an ice cream bar with all the fixings for guests to create their own banana splits.

4. Decorative Paint Cans – (Available in-store at Container Store)
Create funky DIY “vases” or serving containers using decorative paint canisters and scrapbook or gift wrap paper in pop-art inspired patterns.  Or – if you’re a computer whiz – create your own Warhol-style labels and print them at home.

5. Serve up nostalgic treats that come in zany packaging – like black and yellow ABBA-ZABBA.

6. Warhol 2009 Calendar
Calendars are a great way to get inexpensive “prints” of your favorite artist to use as party decor…the price makes it okay to break out the scissors – and there are so many things you can do with a single calendar. For example: Frame the different images and display them as background decor, use them as placemats, or cut them to size for whatever you need – DIY drink coasters, vase embellishments, etc. Use wide strips of cut images to wrap soup cans (or really any canned food) that you already own – a play on Warhol’s tomato soup paintings – and an inexpensive way to create a unique decorative display!


andy warhol photo art

Personalize it! This theme could easily be transformed into pretty much any type of special occasion – from an adult birthday party to a kids birthday (with the banana smoothie option, of course) – to a bridal shower or engagement party. Just personalize it for the occasion/guest(s) of honor by incorporating their name(s) and photos into the decor. Try “Warholizing” their photos on your own – or have places  like allPopart.com do it for you {samples above}.