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princess and the frog birthday party

Dreams do come true in the Bayou! Anne-Marie of El’uccellino Designs crafted a playful, darling “Princess and the Frog” Birthday Party for her daughter’s 2nd birthday. Rich purples, earthy greens, stars, frogs, lily pads and more inspiration from the newest Disney princess movie are a delightful spin to a kids princess birthday party!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Evangeline’s Sugar Dusted Grapes (creatively displayed on a spice rack!)
  • Log style birthday cake with a lily pad, purple flower and a frog
  • “Bee’s Knees” Sugar Cookies & Prince Naveen’s “Stick in the Mud” Dirt Pies
  • Tarot Card Reading, “Give Tiana her Frog” Activity & Dr. Facilier’s “Transformation Central”
  • DIY Paper Flower and Star Shaped Birthday Banner

glitter sugar grapes

princess and the frog cake

fondant frog

princess birthday girl outfit and favor bags

princess and the frog quote

princess kids table

paper flower

frog cookies

lily pad and flower desserts

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princess and the frog food labels

tarot card reading

princess party activity

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happy birthday banner


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Anne-Marie…

Coming up with a theme for my own daughter’s 2nd birthday was a no brainer. Her favorite request is “Wanna watch princess and froggy?” Who could refuse the rich purples and earthy greens of the bayou?! Elements that we wanted to incorporate that centered around the theme of the movie were the frogs, lily pads, stars, and fireflies.

Evangeline was such a huge staple in the movie so I wanted a nutritious dessert and something that resembled the twinkling star. I was ecstatic to find the glitter grapes recipe. Not only did they sparkle, but they were such a hit with the children and parents alike. I used a spice rack and embellished with ribbon and utilized adhesive moss for the base to give it a swamp feel. Here is the link to the delicious recipe.

I loved the quotes in the movie so I incorporated them into the desserts. Prince Naveen called Tiana a “stick in the mud” so I wanted to do my interpretation of it. I made dirt pies for the mud by using chocolate pudding and topping it with a mixture of crushed Oreos and cream cheese. I added a pretzel for the stick and topped it with an edible lily pad. There you have “a stick in the mud.” Elianna’s grandmother is notorious for her cannoli’s so we had cannoli’s stuffed with green and purple cannoli filling for “Elianna’s House Special as an homage to her Nonna. Frog on a log dessert were made using an edible frog on a Swiss roll and was inspired by a book titled, “Frog on a Log.” “It’s the Bee’s Knees” was a popular phrase in the movie and I knew Dania’s cake could perfectly execute the cookies so I couldn’t resist naming the sugar cookies as the Bee’s Knees. The marshmallow pops were coconut marshmallows with sprinkles and edible fireflies.

Each bag had a dress on it and the guests were supposed to guess which dress Tiana wore when she first kissed the frog. Unfortunately we couldn’t rally the toddler troops long enough to walk around the table. They contained PB&J, pretzels, fruit/yogurt squeeze, and apple juice. We used these bags for the party favors as well.

Favors consisted of  Disney princess Learn the alphabet workbook, Princess Tiana pez candy, and a sugar cookie.

When the guests arrived, Dr Facilier or his wife greeted the children with a tarot card reading as Dr Facilier did when he turned Prince Naveen into the frog. These were inspirational quotes from the movie and the children took them home with them.

Elianna was 3 months premature so we donated to the charity nearest and dearest to our hearts in the winners name of the “Give Tiana her frog game”. Prince Naveen turned into a frog while Dr Facilier sang “Transformation Central”. Therefore I had dress up clothes for the girls and boys to change into at one of the stations named after the song. We also had a bounce house and that was the highlight of the party. As the guests departed, they were given a star to write a wish, decorate it with princess and the frog stickers, attached it to their balloon, and let it go for good luck!

It was love at first sight when I stumbled upon the handmade paper flower that resembled the layers of a lily pad and a star. It was a tedious project folding each sheet of paper to create a petal, but the end result made it worth while. It took 30 petals to create this design. I embellished it with the #2 and coordinating stemmed beads. Click Here for the link for the tutorial.

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