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hwtm real parties


If you’d like to submit a real party, wedding, or event for consideration, please send an email to submissions@hwtm.com and include the following:

1. Your Info: your full name & the URL of your blog/website (if applicable)

2. Party Details: a description of the theme, decorations, food/drinks, and any other details that may apply such as favors, activities, DIY projects, shopping resources, etc.

3. Images: HWTM is a highly visual site, so the more images the better! Please send images that are at least 700 pixels wide, without watermarks.

Images can be sent via email, as a link to an online photo album (such as Picasa or flickr), or (ideally!) as a zip file. If your attachment is larger than 8 megabytes, please send it via www.yousendit.com (it’s free!) or a similar service.

4. Vendor Credits: Please include the names and websites of any vendors that should be credited in the post, such as photographers, florists, bakeries, etc.

hwtm real parties



1. Please let us know about any other websites where your event has already been featured (aside from your personal blog/website).

2. Selection Process & Timelines:
If we’re able to feature your event, we will let you know via email within 2-3 weeks.

While we’d love to be able to feature everyone’s parties, we cannot guarantee a feature due to the high volume of events that are submitted, and sometimes the selected events may take a while to post. Please know that this does NOT mean that we don’t like your party or appreciate your submission! It would rather most likely be due to one of the following reasons:
We’ve already featured or committed to featuring several other parties in the same category or with a similar theme.
The event is not relevant for the time of year.
There are too many parties in the current pipeline. (We’ve been working hard on an exciting new addition to the website that will enable more parties to be featured – and faster! It will launch in November 2010…stay tuned!)


Have Questions? Please direct them to submissions@hwtm.com