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entertaining ettiquette

Hi, I’m Beth Helmstetter of Beth Helmstetter Events and am completely honored to share some tips with all of you savvy hostesses out there! With all the reasons we have to get together and celebrate – from weddings and birthdays to holidays and other special occasions, your lives will be filled with amazing shindigs and hopefully you will even do a little entertaining of your own.

As your guests leave your fabulous parties, don’t forget to give thanks. My favorite thing to do when I’m feeling especially grateful for is to take the time to write a meaningful thank you letter to each guest. Not the, “thanks for being part of the day,” typical stuff you see everyday, but a letter that really tells guests what they mean to your life including lessons each person has taught you and favorite memories you share. Something really from the heart.

entertaining ettiquette

Once you put your truest feelings on paper, find a beautiful way to package the letter. Again, something that says, “this is more than your standard thank you note,” but instead screams, “there is something very special inside and it’s just for you.” A beautiful jewelry pouch, decorative box or even just a scroll tied with a luxurious ribbon, all work perfectly. In the end, you will be surprised how meaningful it will be to the recipient that they have been given something so thoughtful and unexpected.

One tip, however, is, give yourself PLENTY of time to write each note. Don’t try to do more than one or two letters per day leading up to the event. This gift only works well when done right. So take the time to really reflect on your relationship with each guest and let them know how thankful you are to have them both during the celebration and everyday!