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Snow Cone Cupcakes {Simple & Sweet}

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how to make snow cone cupcakes

I fell in love with the Snow Cone Cupcakes craze when it hit last year and was super excited to finally have an excuse to make them (for my daughter’s Snow Bunny First Birthday Party last month). My version is pretty simple compared to many of the stunning, á la Bakerella creations I’ve seen out there, but I was in a time crunch the night before the party… and the kids didn’t seem to mind at all! ;)

Scroll down for the how-to details on these quick & easy treats – which happen to work well for both winter OR summer parties – think luaus, beach themes, etc. These would even be cute for Valentine’s Day… covered in pink and red sugar or simply garnished with pretty heart straws!

snow cone cupcakes with pink stripe strawsHOW TO MAKE SNOW CONE CUPCAKES


You’ll Need:

Helpful Tips:

I found it easier and less messy to drop the unfrosted cupcakes into their styrofoam cups first, then pipe the frosting on with a decorating tool. I used the Dessert Decorator Plus by Wilton ($14.99) to quickly pipe the frosting, but you could also use a plastic bag with the corner snipped off.

After frosting each cupcake, pour on a GENEROUS amount of sparkling sugar to cover the frosting (I did this over a bowl to catch the excess sprinkles), stick a cute straw in, and you’re done!

P.S. You can also garnish these cupcakes with mini wooden spoons or paddles. Either way, make sure to still have forks on hand for guests to use… the garnishes don’t work quite as well as regular utensils. ;)

snow cone cupcakes - kids party idea


  1. newlymeds January 16, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    This is too adorable!!

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