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Princess Ariel Chair Back

I’m super excited to share our latest theme from HWTM with you and hope it makes you feel SPARKLY all over! We really put some thought into trying to make that happen. ;)

This “Sparkly Disney Princess Birthday Party” is a collaboration with the brand new Disney Dream Parties line from Hallmark and Disney, and marks the first time we’ve styled a theme around any sort of licensed character. And since 8 different Disney princesses are actually included in the Princess Dream Party line, it would probably be more accurate to say “characters”!

The whole point of the Dream Parties line is to make your life easy, with ready-to-go products that feature the characters your little ones love and REALLY want to see at their birthday party. Easy-peasy, right? On the flip side, however, I know that our HWTM audience leans very DIY and loves seeing those types of ideas, so I appreciate that Hallmark was open to having us dream up a party that features a nice mix of both. I hope this post leaves you inspired and feeling like you can have your princess partyware and your DIY cupcake toppers too. ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • “Jasmine’s Oasis” Drink Station with DIY “Magic Carpet”
  • Kids Chairs adorned with Disney Princesses + sparkly ribbon & rhinestones
  • “The Royal Birthday Ball” Welcome Sign + lots more FREE PRINTABLES! (click here to download)
  • “Be Our Guest” inspired kids table with sparkly wrapping paper table runner
  • “Sweet Dreams Come True” Dessert Table with DIY Headboard
  • Glittered Toy Princess Cakes, Sparkle Station, and Glam Party Favors

Princess Jasmine Drink Station

HWTM Princess Party Dessert Table

Disney Princess Party Sparkle Station Activity

Gold and Glittery Princess Party Decorations

Royal Birthday Ball HWTM Free Printable Sign

DIY Princess Party Candlestick Centerpiece

Disney Princess Party Chairs

Disney Princess Party Lunch Ideas

Disney Princess Party Cups

Free HWTM "Regal Springs" Princess Printables

Sweet Dreams Come True Dessert Table Sign

Cinderella Cupcakes

Princess Themed Desserts

Princess Parfaits

Rice Krispie Treat Star Wands

Disney Princess Heart Plates

Princess Bed Dessert Table

Disney Princess Birthday Party Decorations

Disney Princess Dress Up Activity

Princess Wand Decorating Activity

Disney Princess Coloring Activity

Cinderella Bubbles Party Favor

Disney Princess Birthday Party Favors

Tangled Party Favors


Grab all the HWTM Princess Birthday Free Printables here!


  • Disney Princess Party Cups with “Dreams Come True” and “Wish Upon A star” free printable drink flags
  • Golden Desert Refresher: White grape juice + sparkling water
  • “Jasmine’s Oasis” free printable sign on twine wrapped wooden dowels held by  glittered vases on gold pedestals and dazzling costume jewels
  • “Regal Springs” free printable water bottle wraps
  • DIY Magic Carpet with decorative paper, glittered ribbons, gems & mini mylar tassels
  • Teal Drink Stand embellished with glittered wooden stars and rhinestones + shelves lined with pink glitter paper and gold ribbon


  • Pink sheet tablecloth with glittery teal wrapping paper table runner + glittered wooden star “confetti”
  • Gold spray painted “Lumière” candelabra with free “Be Our Guest” printable sign and glittered candlesticks with glittered star toppers
  • Gold play birthday cake slices & glittered fork centerpieces spray painted and embellished with glitter, ribbon, gems and yarn
  • Disney Princess Chair Backs with hanging gems and chairs embellished with glittered ribbon and gems


  • Rapunzel Paper Doll Coloring Cards 
  • Decorate a Sceptor: Disney’s pink Princess Sceptors embellishing station with rhinestones and princess stickers
  • Bling Out a Party Hat: Disney Princess part hats embellished with gold, glittery monograms, stars and heart stickers


  • Rapunzel’s Hair Pasta: Angel Hair Pasta with butter
  • Snow White’s Apple: “Baby” Red Delicious Apples
  • Wish Upon a Star” Sandwiches & Fruit: Star-shaped turkey & cheese sandwiches + yellow watermelon & pineapple (all cut with cookie cutters)


  • “Sparkle” Banner free printable
  • Gold “Cogsworth” Clock with free printable “Happy Birthday Ever After” sign
  • “The Royal Birthday Ball” free printable welcome sign in a pink glittered frame
  • Magic Lamps (teapots) spray painted gold and embellished with jewels
  • Mini Cinderella Inspired Thread Spools wrapped with colorful yarn
  • Glittery Blue Tulle Bows with pink glittered ribbon
  • Pink painted dress form wrapped with yarn and dressed in a sparkly princess skirt and costume jewelry necklaces


  • Gold favor display embellished with jewels, “Once Upon a Dream” printable banner, and Disney Princess sign
  • Disney Princess Plastic Cups filled with pretty jewelry, delicious candies, Cinderella bubbles, hair clips & more!
  • Magic Lamp filled with pink and purple blow horns + gold platter with Cinderella bubbles
  • Free Printable “Wish Upon a Star” Banner 


  • Princess Bed Dessert Table with white ruffled duvet, teal bedsheets & pillows
  • DIY Headboard made from foam-core, quilt batting and a teal bedsheet, embellished with a jewel garland and tulle bow + bedposts made of gold spray painted wrapping paper tubes and plastic gold Christmas ornaments (tiled headboard template here)
  • “Sweet Dreams Come True” free printable dessert table sign in a gold glitter frame
  • Heart-shaped Disney Princess Dessert Plates
  • Cinderella’s Bow-licious Cupcakes: Mini cupcakes with shimmery bow toppers
  • Wish Upon a Star Wands: Rice Krispie Treat Stars Pops painted with edible glitter
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Wands: Strawberry Pocky Sticks
  • Magical Macaron Towers: Stacked vanilla and chocolate macarons painted with edible glitter + hot pink flag topper
  • Princess Are…” Parfaits: Vanilla pudding parfaits with strawberry cookie crumbs and pink pearl sixlets. Party flag toppers displaying princess traits like “Smart” “Kind-Hearted” and “Brave.”
  • True Loves Meringue Kisses
Vendor Credit
  • Sponsored by: Dream Parties from Hallmark & Disney
  • Party design, printables, photography, food & styling: Hostess with the Mostess
  • Disney Princess Dream Party themed cups, plates, party hats, chair backs, paper doll coloring cards, stickers, sceptors, princess silhouettes, blow horns, bubbles and tiara: available at Walmart (manufactured by Hallmark)
  • Kids White Chairs: Raphael’s Party Rentals
  • Sheets, play cake set, & Macy’s Dress: Target
  • Candelabra: Urban Outfitters
  • Blue chest for drink station, dress form, and tea pots: HomeGoods
  • Macarons: Trader Joe’s
  • Hat box for star wands: IKEA
  • Gold Trays, glittered ribbon, rhinestones, sparkly tulle: Michaels