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Tinkerbell & Peter Pan Birthday Party {Boy/Girl}

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peter pan cake pops

This enchanting celebration has an extra special twist… it’s a joint birthday party starring Peter Pan AND Tinkerbell! Alexandra of Enchanted Events & Design made sure this creative party had a little something for everyone by incorporating sweet fairy elements & pixie dust for the girls and pirate-style adventure for the boys. Read on for all the charming details and playful activities in this combo Tinkerbell & Peter Pan Birthday Party.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Lost Boys treehouse style dessert table with a “canopy” overhead
  • Themed activities like a pirate ship water table and pixie dust station with colored sand
  • Powdered donuts topped with pink Tinkerbell and green Peter Pan paper silhouettes
  • “Fairy Catching Kit” party favors
  • A visit from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

tinker bell dessert table

tinker bell and peter pan costumes

peter pan desserts

peter pan cake

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whimsical mushroom marshmallows

peter pan and tinkerbell birthday activities

peter pan favors

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Alexandra…

Earlier this year I got asked to style a combo boy/girl birthday party for a little 2 and 4 year old. The mom asked for a Tinkerbell and Peter Pan theme using pink for the girls and green for the boys. I decided to focus on a woodsy, tree house style with lots of brown and beige to accent the pink and green.

Dessert Table

The dessert table was set up on the back deck under a beautiful wood plank awning. I covered the entire awning with strands of green felt leaf garlands. This gave the impression of being under a forest canopy with the Lost Boys. The table itself was covered in a burlap fabric and all the platters were wood slices in different shapes and sizes. The treats included a beautiful and whimsical cake, cookie pops, candy dipped marshmallows, Peter Pan cap cake pops, powdered donuts decorated with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan silhouette toothpicks, strawberry wafers, Strawberry Whoppers, pink and green gummy candy, and of course Pixi Stix.


I continued the decor throughout the rest of the party. When the guests arrived they walked up a walkway lined with silk gerber daisies and pink and green fairy houses staked into the ground. Each of these were adorned with a tiny paper Tinkerbelle silhouette. Wooden ships sat on the tables with pink and green pirate sails and the canopies were all draped in festive pink and green crepe paper.


All of the guests were asked to come dressed in costumes matching the theme. Even some of the parents were garbed in pirate attire and pajamas. During the event the kids had lots of activities and crafts to keep them busy. There was a Tinkerbell bounce house, cookie decorating, a pirate ship water table, a pixie dust station where the kids could fill containers with different colored sand and of course a visit from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! At the end of the event as the guests left each kid got to take a fairy catching kit home with them.


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  2. Jen Hilton January 11, 2014 at 10:15 am

    Where did you get the invitations from?

  3. Stephanie January 20, 2015 at 1:03 am

    Where did you get the peter pan and Tinkerbell silhouette that are in the donuts?

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