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Vibrant Carnival Bat Mitzvah Theme Ideas

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glitter circus centerpiece

I love, love, LOVE this! Okay, we all know this theme is right up my alley, but so are all the creative decorations, games and all around playful party feel! Allyson of Bob Gail Special Events brought her creative talents to the table and dreamed up these incredible Vibrant Carnival Bat Mitzvah Theme Ideas – and Brian of Callaway Gable, LLC expertly captured all the show-stopping details and special moments. My favorite part? Those amazingly, glamorous and colorful centerpieces of course!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Red & White Stripe Dance Floor and “Alexandra” Marquee Letters
– Ring Toss, Raffle Ticket & Snow Cone Centerpieces
– “Ticket Booth” Escort Card Display and Giant “Cake” Candy Buffet
– Bright Lounge Area with Colorful Pillows & Cracker Jack Centerpieces

cracker jacks

bat mitzvah party


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carnival bat mitzvah theme ideas

colorful candy buffet

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balloon invitation


sushi bar


carnival bat mitzvah games

floral centerpiece

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bat mitzvah


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Brian

Bob Gail Special Events transformed the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel into a classic carnival for a special Bat Mitzvah celebration. Complete with carnival games, a ticket booth (that acted as the escort card table), stilt walkers and jugglers, a red and white striped dance floor, carousel animals, carnival-inspired centerpieces, “Alexandra” light up marquee letters, a candy station designed around an over-sized giant cake prop, a string light and pennant-covered ceiling, a psychic, full band – Jump Start, DJ, interactive professional dancers, a live monkey, and more!

The evening began with a cocktail hour. For cocktail hour the hotel courtyard was draped in rich velvet curtains with custom gold tiebacks, which framed the cocktail hour event space. Custom made carnival game booths provided both décor and entertainment as guests enjoyed various carnival style games ranging from football toss to bottle knock. The custom red and white striped carnival booths were each adorned with bright red and yellow signage designed to invite guests to each game booth. Arcade games, skee ball machines, pop-a-shots, and a high striker filled the cocktail hour space with fun and interactive games while jugglers, stilt walkers, contortionists, fortune tellers, wax hands, airbrush artists, glassblowers, fun hair and make-up stylists and a live photo booth provided guests with a variety of endless entertainment. A music trio filled the cocktail hour air with live music as guests enjoyed appetizers and beverages amongst carnival entertainers and games.

After cocktail hour the guests moved toward the ballroom foyer for the reception. The foyer was draped in red velvet curtains to create a carnival tent entrance façade that was distinctly marked with chrome stanchions and red velvet ropes. A blue and white striped custom ticket booth adjacent to the tent entrance acted as the escort card table where guests were invited to pick up their escort cards, which were printed as carnival tickets hanging on the ticket booth itself. As guests made their way through the tent entrance jugglers, stilt walkers, and a live monkey flanked the entranceway.

Once inside guests found themselves in the main ballroom decorated as the main event tent. The guest of honor’s grand entrance with a live monkey on her shoulders marked the beginning of the fun-filled carnival reception. The ballroom was split into two general areas to accommodate both the children and adult guests. In the adult area, round tables were draped in bright linens with white chiavari chairs as napkins folded into bow ties lay atop gold beaded chargers- a vision of carnival inspired elegance. The adult table centerpieces consisted of three alternating carnival themed designs: the ring toss centerpiece, the raffle ticket centerpiece, and the snow cone centerpiece. The ring toss centerpiece consisted of yellow painted wood crates with gold glitter bottles filled with bright flowers and completed with glittered ring accents. A roll of raffle tickets atop a raffle ticket wrapped box created the raffle ticket centerpiece as gold glittered jars filled with bright gerbera daisies and pinwheel accents were placed atop and around the raffle ticket platform. The snow cone centerpiece had a low white container with a popcorn signage accent filled with white hydrangea and glittered snow cones filled with button mums and gerbera daisies. Each adult table was numbered with a Plexiglas glittered number that invited guests to their seat. A custom white wooden bar and hutch with red glitter inserts and red trim acted as the adult bar as a custom red, white, and purple fabric structure and purple glittered trim “Bar” sign adorned the adult bar structure. The perimeter of the adult area was lined with a selection of carnival themed buffet items that were each marked by custom signage creating a carnival food booth atmosphere.

Lounge furniture with colorful pillow accents and end tables created the kids’ seating area while tall cocktail tables draped in bright linens with white chiavari barstools provided additional seating. Like the adult centerpieces, the kids’ area centerpieces were a variety of carnival inspired arrangements: the candy centerpiece, the popcorn centerpiece, and the Cracker Jack box centerpiece. A low white glass container with custom gold decals was filled with gumballs and lollipops to create the candy inspired centerpiece. The popcorn inspired centerpieces consisted of low containers filled with white hydrangea with glittered gumball accents and the final centerpiece for the kids’ area was a cube shaped container made entirely of Cracker Jack boxes filled with red carnations. Similar to the adult area, the perimeter of the kids’ area was lined with various buffet items with carnival themed signage that provided color and function to the ballroom walls. In lieu of a bar, the kids’ area had a lemonade stand that offered fresh squeezed lemonade beverages. A white bookshelf with pennant details provided each child with a personal cubby to store all favors while the night went on. Each cubby listed the guests’ name in order to add a personal touch while keeping the take home favors safe and organized. For the candy station, a pink and white stripe curtain with glitter accents and oversized lollipops acted as the candy station backdrop as the “Sweets” signage hung above a table of candies and warm desserts. In front of the sweets table a giant cake prop, painted in carnival appropriate patterns and colors, was adorned with various sized containers full of the guest of honor’s favorite types of candy.

A white and red striped dance floor joined the kids’ area and adult area together as guests of all ages danced all night long to the live twelve piece band and DJ. Professional interactive dancers added energy and additional dancing fun for the guests. Custom red and white fabric panels with a velvet red proscenium complete with gold fringe acted as the stage and band backdrop as hanging Alexandra light up marquee letters honored the mitzvah girl and created the perfect carnival focal point while adding a personal detail for the guest of honor.



– Designed and Coordinated: Allyson Levine of Bob Gail Special Events
– Venue: The Roosevelt Hotel
– Photography: Brian and Allison Callaway of Callaway Gable, LLC


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  5. Dotty December 19, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    What a creative theme; great design execution! I’ve been searching for those drawstring bags with screen print. Can you provide the name of the vendor you used, please? Major kudos to the events team & entertainers for a job well done!

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