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spring & Easter DIY centerpiece idea

These fun, DIY centerpieces can be customized with your own favorite flowers, shapes, and papers to create a look that’s uniquely yours… and tailored to any occasion!

The example pictured above is for our Easter table this year, but this look would also be cute for a baby shower or “love birds” bridal shower…

spring & Easter DIY centerpiece idea

Small Bedding plants (English Daisies pictured here)
Shallow rectangular vase
Die-cut Chipboard Shapes (pictured here: Maya Road’s Song Bird Coasters)
Decorative Papers (pictured here: Craft Fair by American Crafts)
Lollipop sticks
Glue stick or spray craft glue , Hot Glue Gun, Scissors
Faux flower or other embellishment for the vase (optional)

Insert the bedding plants into the vase, filling it completely and adding extra soil if necessary.

2. Decorate the vase with a band of coordinating paper and a faux flower or other coordinating scrapbook embellishment, like the Mento Pastel Flowers by Prima, pictured here.

3. Trace & cut the chipboard shapes from decorative paper.

4. Use a glue stick or craft spray glue to attach the paper silhouettes to both sides of the chipboard.

5. Using a hot glue gun or glue dot, attach a lollipop stick to one side of the chipboard piece. Let the glue dry, then insert the lollipop sticks into the “flower field”.

spring & Easter DIY centerpiece idea


{This project is also featured in an Easter Craft slideshow I put together over at the Reader’s Digest website.}