////DIY Tutorial: Creative Wine Packaging for Hostess Gifts

DIY Tutorial: Creative Wine Packaging for Hostess Gifts

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homemade hostess gift idea: wine gift wrap

Jen here from Jen CYK Photography, and I’m back today to help you make things look extra pretty, with a super simple way to dress up a wine bottle! You may have noticed, I really like wine (see “Exhibit A,” my DIY wine cork succulent magnets). And you’ve probably noticed I like to make everyday gifts fun & pretty (see “Exhibit B,” my DIY paper flowers). Well today, we’re going to combine an awesome hostess gift, with great packaging, and get you lots of “oooohhs” and “ahhhhhhhs!”


Over the next two months, you’ll probably be attending A LOT of get togethers. Tis the season! If you’re like me, you like to bring a little contribution to each event. My go-to gift is always wine. So why not make it special, put a little extra effort, and package it pretty! I’ve got a great alternative to buying those wine gift bags, that’s cute and cheaper!



By: Jen Hrycyk of Jen CYK Photography


Wine Gift Wrap With Material DIY

– Bottle of Wine
– Scissors
– Half a yard of material
– Twine or ribbon
– (Optional) A circle cut out of cardstock


1. I start by cutting approximately two additional inches off my half a yard of material because a half yard is a tad too big (and save this material, I have another project coming soon that you can use it for). A little tip for you – go to a local fabric store, and check out their sale fabrics. Those are often around $2.00-$3.00 per yard. I usually buy a few different patterns of fabric, and keep them stocked at home. So I can easily have all supplies on hand when I’m running to a party!

2. Lay your material face down, and place the wine bottle in the center of it.

Ways To Wrap Wine Bottles

3. Lift and bunch up your material. I typically bring the opposite corners together first. Then I pull everything taught around the wine bottle.

4. Grab your twine or ribbon, and tie it at the bottom of the neck of your wine bottle.  Be sure to pull your material up to keep it taught.

5. Before I complete my bow, I put on a little tag with my name, so my hostess will know who this fabulous bottle of wine is from. And I’ll even write a little note on there as well.

DIY Ways To Wrap A Wine Bottle

And there you have it! A lovely and creatively packaged bottle of wine, that will make your hostess smile just a little more, because you put some extra effort in to thinking of her!

homemade hostess gift idea: wine gift wrap

Have fun with this wine gift wrap! It’s so simple, and much more personal than buying a gift bag for your wine. And it’s actually more convenient. I have plenty of fabric around my house, but not too many wine gift bags, so why not? Enjoy!

Until next time, cheers!



– Wine: Total Wine & More
– Scissors: Household items
– Twine: Michaels
– Material: JoAnn Fabrics
– Cardstock: Scrapbook Supplies from around my house

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