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DIY Tutorial: Valentine Cupcake Toppers

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valentine cupcake toppers for a crafty diy tutorial

Hello again! If we haven’t met before, I’m Jen! I spend my days taking pictures of the most adorable kids and families (you can see them right here). But in my spare time, I enjoy crafts and cupcakes… so today I want to share 2 simple DIY ideas to dress up your cupcakes!

Cupcakes are one of the greatest goodies to give. With Valentines Day popping up soon, I thought I’d give you two simple ways to make cupcakes even cuter! But not only that, I want to share the most brilliant way EVER, to give them away!

By: Jen Hrycyk of Jen CYK Photography


  • Valentine’s Day scrapbook paper or colored cardsotck
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks
  • Tape
  • Bakers twine
  • Plastic cups


Cupcake Topper DIY

1. Cut out five hearts in different shapes and sizes. Keep them tiny, about 1/2″ – 1″ in height. I freehand them. I like hearts that aren’t perfect, they’re endearing.

2. Take three of your hearts, and punch tiny holes just inside the top edges of each of them. String one piece of your bakers twine through each hole, and pull the hearts close so they overlap each other.

3. Tie each end of twine to the top of a toothpick, and cut most of the excess string.

4. Gently place each toothpick towards the edge of your cuppie (that’s what I call cupcakes for short). And boooooom, cutest little cupcake topper to make a sweet gift even sweeter!


Cupcake Topper

1. Take the other two hearts you cut out, and write something cute on them. Use a colored marker + fun writing + sketch hearts!

2. Tape a toothpick to the back of each heart, and gently place them in your cuppie! Now you’ve just made your very own personalized DIY cupcake card!

Cupcakes In A Cup
Now to give them away, how do we do it? We have all of these gorgeous cupcakes (we were given a dozen delicious cupcakes from my most favorite cupcakery in the world, Frosted Cupcakery). I wish I could eat them all, but I won’t.  So how do I share them without messing up the gorgeous frosting, or risk them falling over in transport?

Simple – slide them in a cup!

Cupcakes In A Cup

That’s right, cupcakes fit perfectly in the standard sized plastic cups that you can buy at any grocery store or party supply. I always keep these on hand for when I plan to share cupcakes that I buy or make. Transporting them in a cup not only looks cute, but keeps the frosting perfectly in tact! And if the cup happens to tip over, nothing gets ruined!

To get them out of the cup, gently tilt the cup over, and they slide right out. For even safer transport, I put a piece of press and seal over the cupcake! Simple & easy, best idea ever! How cute would this be to give each child in your kid’s class? Or take over for each lady on a girls night? Cupcakes in a cup, who knew? Give it a try!

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JEN HRYCYK of Jen CYK Photography® is a lover of all things happy, beautiful, positive, and inspirational. She has a genuine passion for visual beauty in every aspect of life, and loves to create inspiration through pictures, crafts, and everyday moments. Her love for photography stems from a lifetime of being ”the picture taker” of the group. Looking at her closet shelves, you’ll find dozens of albums that document Jen’s life since childhood. It was when she began to look at pictures as art that she found her voice. Her appreciation for photography as a visual expression of life is what inspires her to create beautiful things.

Jen CYK Photography®, her lifestyle photography studio, combines her enthusiasm for stunning images with her natural talent of connecting with people. As a Communications graduate from California State University of Long Beach, Jen is able to capture raw and genuine emotions in each person she works with. She loves sharing creative ideas as well as ways to make everyday moments shine a little brighter. She resides in Orange County, CA with her husband James, and favorite basset hound pup, Rampage. Jen smiles every day while doing what she loves. She’s blessed to have awesome clients who trust her to document both simple and amazing moments in their lives, again and again.


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    Thanks for sharing Jen, this is lovely!

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    Very cute! ;-)

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