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sprinkles cupcake decorating bar

Tonya Coleman here from Soireé Event Design, and I’m back with the “Look for Less” series sharing my “Sprinkles” Cupcake Decorating Bar! Today’s guest post is all about setting up a fun and creative party activity where your guests will decorate their own cupcakes and provide a decor WOW FACTOR to your party! Be sure to scroll down to read my 6 “Budget Chic” tips to pull off this table for less!

rainbow sprinkle cupcake

rainbow sprinkles

sprinkles cupcake decorating bar

butterfly cupcake toppers

sprinkles cupcake decorating bar



1. Start with at least 2 dozen undecorated white-iced cupcakes!
In order for your Cupcake Bar to look full and visually impactful, I recommend displaying atleast 24 cupcakes on two tall cupcake towers (1 dozen on each tower). Or you can use 4 cake stands and display 6 cupcakes per stand. Place them at varying heights across the back of the table for high impact!

TIP: I use cardboard photo boxes to create different levels on a table. They are strong enough to hold your trays or bowls and come in many colors and patterns. You can find them on sale frequently at Michaels.

2. Use a colorful patterned backdrop and solid colored tablecloth!
Since the cupcakes are plain, take this opportunity to add visual punch with a backdrop of bold colors and patterns. Your topping are most likely going to be colorful, so pair your bold backdrop with a solid colored tablecloth so your topping stand out. Fabric stores are my go-to place to find fabulous bold backdrops or you can also use curtains or shower curtains that come in many colors and patterns and best of all, require no sewing and have a rod pocket already in them for easy hanging behind your table.

TIP: Setup your table in front of a window that has a curtain rod. You can simply switch out the curtains for ones that match your table design and you have an instant backdrop holder!

3. Use custom printables to customize ordinary items!
Here I used my “Sprinkles” custom printables to create my own labels for ordinary store-bought sprinkles bottles to make them look like my own brand of sprinkles! I also used them to create the custom backdrop poster, toppings tags and cupcake toppers. “Sprinkles” printables are available now for $25 in our shop here for a limited time.

TIP: Personalize your cupcake toppers with each guest’s name so they can place them inside their cupcakes after they’ve decorated them and everyone knows whose cupcakes belong to who.

4. Offer a variety of toppings!
Offer lots of yummy toppings in small quantities! 1 small bag of candy will be plenty of each topping. I was able to get all of these toppings from my local Target at such a great price that I was able to order a dozen custom gumpaste butterfly toppers from KupcakeSpot!

TIP: Michaels carries pre-made icing decorations in many shapes and colors at a fraction of the cost of custom fondant toppers. Be sure to display them individually on white trays for a high-end look.

5. Invest in white trays and bowls!
White serving dishes are a must-have staple! Invest in a few white trays and bowls. You will use them over and over again and the look is instant chic!

TIP: I find them at TJ Maxx for a great price and they usually have many different sizes and shapes to choose from. Dollar stores also carry white bowls, mugs, plates and vases.

6. Display & label ALL your toppings!
Use your trays to hold any decorative toppings like these gumpaste butterfly toppers and heart iced decos. Use bowls small bowls to hold your loose toppings like candy. Be sure to customize your printables with the names of each topping so your guests know right away what everything is. Sometimes it’s hard to tell between a Skittle and a M&M!

TIP: Be sure to use small bowls and fill them completely. You will only need a small quantity of each topping but displaying them in size appropriate containers is key to a polished look.



$12 (2 dozen cupcakes)
$3 (6 mini cupcakes)
$25 (“Sprinkles” party printables)
$15 (Sugar sprinkles (5 containers) $2.99 each)
$2 (1 bag chocolate chips)
$1 (1 box Skittles)
$1 (1 bag mini marshmallows)
$1 (1 container of m&m’s)
$2 (1 bag Heath bar crumble)
$22 (2 dozen custom gumpaste toppers)
$4 (1 dozen heart sugar dec-os)
$4 (1 dozen peace sign sugar decos)

Total: $92
For a party of 12 guests, that’s only $7.67 per guest for a party favor, activity and party treat!


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– Event Styling & Design, Photography: Soiree Event Design
– Gumpaste toppers: KupcakeSpot
– “Sprinkles!” custom printables: Soiree-EventDesignShop.com