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embellished royal baby furniture

For my friend’s Royal Baby Shower (recapped in Part 1 and Part 2), we did lots of DIY projects over here, and I’m really excited to share them with you! First up is how to make these tiny and adorable Embellished Doll Furniture pieces. Your Royal Mommy-to-be or Little Princess will love this decoration no matter how you fancy it up! Sparkly, isn’t it? ;)

pink and gold doll furniture diy

Embellished Doll Furniture – A DIY Tutorial


royal baby furniture materials for an embellished diy tutorial

– Wooden Doll Furniture (we bought ours here)
– Gold Spray Paint
– Rhinestone, Ribbon & Fabric Embellishments
– Pink & Gold Glitter Spray (or loose glitter and spray adhesive)
– Hot Glue


gold spray paint diy

1. Spray paint the doll furniture gold. Once the furniture has dried, you can use glitter spray to add a little extra sparkle!

royal rocking chair

2. Embellish furniture with rhinestones, ribbon & fabric! Adhesive rhinestones are recommended to make things easier, as well as hot glue for the fabric & ribbon pieces. Here are a few ways we had fun with it:

– Fabric crib + bassinet bedding and fringed Ribbon for a bed skirt
– Sequin strands, ribbons and rhinestone trim
– Pink glitter heart “pillows”

embellished doll crib diy by hwtm

embellished doll furniture


Have fun! Any other creative embellishment ideas? Please share in the comments, we’d love to hear!