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disney princess party

Welcome to Aubrey’s castle! Holly Lasha of Mimi’s Dollhouse designed a creative, girly and polka dot covered {Storybook Inspired} Colorful Princess Party for her daughter’s 4th birthday. Snow White’s Apples, Crown Crispy Treats and more princess sweets and activities unfolded the chapters to a happy birthday story! (For more Princess Party Inspiration look here and here.)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Cinderella’s Dress Shop + Glass Slipper Cupcakes
  • Castle Turret Push Cakes and True Love’s Kissing Booth
  • Aurora’s Crown Decorating Activity & Belle’s Enchanted Roses
  • Ariel’s Dinglehoppers displayed on purple polka dot cupcakes

princess cake

lilly pad cupcakes inspired by disney princess tiana

disney princess cookies

castle cake pops

belle inspired desserts

cinderella inspired cupcakes for a disney princess party


princess party

crown decorating

snow white apples

cinderella's dress shop


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Holly

My daughter, Aubrey, is a princess, which of course means EVERYTHING has to be princess.  The day after her 3rd birthday party, she began talking about her “princess party when she turns four”.  Despite all my efforts to get her to pick just one princess for her party.  She insisted that she “NEEDED them all because a true princess wouldn’t leave anybody out”.  Since I couldn’t argue with her logic, I put on my party planning hat, designed a Printable Storybook Princess Collection and set out to use all her favorite princesses in one design!

The theme of the party centered around the princess stories themselves.  Each station, dessert, and princess had her own little storybook page with her story on it. The center of the dessert table was a large storybook we made from foam sheets and a peg board. From the invitation, which royally invited you to storybook land, to the castle entrance, we took the guests through each princess’ story.

All the food was inspired by the different princesses and their stories. The sweets included: Tiana’s Lilypads (Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes with Fondant Lilypad toppers from LesPopSweets), Cinderella’s Glass Slippers (Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream Cupcakes with Glass Slipper Fondant Toppers from Edible Details), Rapunzel’s Braids (Mini Churros), Jasmine’s Crowns (crown shaped rice krispy treats), Belle’s Enchanted Roses (Rose shaped chocolate lollipops from Candied Cakes), Aurora’s Castles(Vanilla/Strawberry Lemonade Pushpops), Snow White’s Poisoned Apples (Candied Apples), Chocolate Cake topped with Adorable Fondant Letters from Edible Details, and Sugar Cookies with each princess’ portrait from SweetArts Sweets)  The non sweets included: Belle’s teapots (teapot/cup shaped fuit slices), Rapunzel’s paint buckets (ranch cups with veggies), Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother Wands (fruit kabobs), Aurora’s crowns (crown shaped cucumber sandwiches, Ariel’s fish (fish shaped tuna sandwiches) and Tiana’s frogs (frog shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches). To drink, we set up Snow White’s wishing well full of brightly colored sodas and water and of course some yummy princess lemonade.

I used my Printable Storybook Princess Collection to showcase each princess and her story.  We built a large castle for the backyard that the royal guests played inside as well as an entry castle facade to welcome each guest to the party. The castle was made of foam which can be relpicated using my Princess Castle Tutorial.  All the decorations were done in the bright princess colors with polka dots and stripes. The dessert table was set up to look like a stage with the storybook in the center as the main attraction.

There were many storybook stations for the kids to enjoy.  As each guest arrived they were taken through Cinderella’s dress shop where the princesses were given wands and princess tutus and the princes were given swords and royal capes.  They then visited Jasmine’s jewelry shop for princess jewelry to add to their attire.  They then visited Aurora’s crown shop where they decorated their own crowns to wear.  This was fun and easy to put together with this Princess crown tutorial. Once they were dressed they visited Snow White’s Magic Mirror to see if they were the fairest one of all. The little princes and princesses played in Aubrey’s castle, played pin the kiss on the frog, decorated Rapunzel’s walls in her art studio, slayed Prince Phillip’s Dragon Pinata, and stopped by Prince Charming’s True Love’s Kissing Booth for a variety of Hershey’s Kisses.

Both of my daughter’s wore adorable princess aprons and flower headbands from Ross and Rosie.  The princess guests wore princess tutus from Halo Heaven. The little princes wore capes I made from craft store t-shirts with felt crowns glued on the back.

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