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3 Outfit Ideas For Your Holiday Photos {Advice from a Photographer}

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Hey everyone! Jen here of Jen CYK Photography! Growing up, holiday cards would come in the mail for my parents with hand written notes. A few of the over ambitious folks would include their yearly newsletter, but most kept it pretty simple. Then one year the trend shifted, and pictures began to come with the cards! Nowadays, it’s not just a snapshot from your point and shoot camera — professional pictures are actually the go-to for most families! (You might be able to guess that I like this trend.)

One of the most common questions I get is “What should we wear?!” So today, I’m here to share Three Outfit Options for Your Holiday Photos that photograph well and make you & your family look and feel your best!




I absolutely adore a bright pop of color. Dad, kids, keep them in basic colors like grey, black, cream. Then have Mom stand out with a bright punch of color. Coral, yellow, red, etc. Whatever that color is that makes you smile, go with it. Wear it in the form of a sweater, a dress, or even just a statement necklace. Pops of color really make one special person stand out. Who’s that going to be?



As much as I adore vibrant colors, having everyone in neutral colors never fails to create some of the softest pictures. I always suggest cream, as I think it photographs much softer than white. Consider putting everyone in soft creams, pinks, peach, or go a more formal route with black or navy. You’ll love the result!





This is an especially great option when you have a large group. Give everyone three colors to pick from. One of my favorite schemes is coral, mint and navy. Everyone should have at least one piece of clothing with one of those colors. What I love about this is that everyone is coordinated, but not matchy matchy. It inevitably creates a flawless flow in pictures.


family photo shoot outfit ideas


Ultimately, there aren’t any rules. Yes, some colors or patterns photograph better than others. But in the end, we’re looking at the emotions and connections in your pictures, not your clothes.

And if you’re still scouring your brain trying to figure out what to wear, check out my Pinterest board filled with lots of real life examples of how these ideas look when put into action!

Most importantly, take the time to have fun together for your holiday photos. Hug, laugh, smile, kiss. Enjoy these people that you adore, and you’re bound to get the BEST pictures you’ve ever taken!


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    I’m nedding that gorgeous white dress with pops of colors and tassels/fringe in the family photo with “pop of color”. Could you please tell me what brand it is, where to buy it, anything?!!!

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