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Lemon Almond Pound Cake Recipe

My personal approach to baking has always been simplicity + attention to presentation. I’m not a gourmet cook (at this point in life at least!) and have recently learned to stop apologizing for that… there are only so many things you can devote a big span of your attention to at once. ;)

However, I DO love to dream up and make tasty things that are fuss-free and pretty, which is the perfect description of this Lemon-Almond Pound Cake, created as part of my Baker’s Dozen collaboration with Krusteaz.

Here’s what you need to make it:

Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Pound Cake

In a nutshell, I added a bit of almond extract to the (already yummy) Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Pound Cake Mix, then baked and glazed the pound cake as directed on the box. The mix for the glaze is also included in the box, and I added a bit of almond extract to that as well.

While the glaze was still wet, I decorated the cake with little “almond flowers” all over the top, using white chocolate chips as the centers and sliced almonds as the petals. Here’s how it turned out:

Lemon Pound Cake with Almond Flowers

As you can see, it doesn’t need to be perfect or follow a strict pattern… just pick a spot to put your first flower, then add full or partial pieces of flowers around it until the entire top of the cake is covered.

This recipe is simple and versatile enough to work for any ol’ afternoon – but I think it would make for an especially lovely addition to a Boho Chic party, or paired with fresh daisies as a thoughtful gift idea. :)

Click here to view the detailed Lemon-Almond Pound Cake recipe on the Krusteaz website.

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