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(Simple & Sweet) Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

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DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

I’m excited to share this Unicorn Birthday Party Theme that I recently designed for Fisher-Price! You can find the instructions for each idea + download all the free printables right here on their website.

And even though some of the printables are geared towards a first birthday in particular, there are lots of ideas that would translate well to unicorn parties for ALL AGES… like magical unicorn punch, DIY unicorn headbands (made from sugar cones), and a homemade cake decorated with Lucky Charms.

That’s right… sometimes the perfect cake decoration is just a CEREAL BOX away! ;)

Scroll down for a close-up look at everything, then visit the full article for more info.

Homemade Unicorn Birthday Cake

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Even though I love them, I rarely buy custom cakes for the parties we host… partly because I’m always last minute, and partly because I hate missing out on a chance to sneak some cake batter. ;) I really love how this homemade cake turned out though – and the best part is that there’s even more magic inside! (Instructions here.)

Rainbow Pasta

My own kids went particularly crazy for the rainbow pasta and it’s easy to see why… have you ever seen a prettier batch of buttered noodles?! Lots of uses for this fun idea… (Recipe here.)

Rainbow Pasta with Star Shaped Puffs

Unicorn Horn Treats

These sprinkle-covered goodies were a big hit too! (Recipe here.)

Unicorn Party Food - Sugar Cone Horns

Unicorn Headbands

Here are my own kids modeling the Unicorn Headbands… they’re always happy to be “paid” in treats! ;) (Instructions here.)

DIY Unicorn Party Headbands

Magical Unicorn Punch

This party punch was inspired by blue skies and rainbows + dusted with edible stars! (Recipe here.)

Unicorn Party Punch

Rainbow Unicorn Party Food and Garland

I ordered a custom-color tissue tassel garland kit from Flair Exchange and embellished the tops with glittered ribbon. 

You can also make these from scratch very inexpensively, but I’ve found that having the tissue arrive pre-cut and ready to go is worth the extra money in all the time that it saves!

Photo Booth 

I also have one extra freebie for you that isn’t available on the Fisher-Price site – a matching Unicorn Photo Booth Sign! Click here to download the PDF.

Unicorn Party Photo Booth Sign - Free Printable

Unicorn Piñata

If you’re wondering about the super darling Unicorn Pinata pictured in the first image – I ordered that from Balloon and Paper on Etsy. (It’s the “Pastel Baby Unicorn” listing.) I love that piñatas can pull triple duty as party decor, photo props, AND party activities.

This is another one of those elements that you could DIY if you’ve got tons of time – and patience – on your hands! As for me – I ran out of patience just reading through the instructions for one of the DIY versions. LOL ;)


Hope you’re able to have some fun with these ideas! If you need more inspiration, check out our Unicorn Party archives here on HWTM.

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    This party is DARLING! Maybe I can talk my niece into having a super girly party this year!

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    Thanks, Elise! Good luck! ;)

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    I really like this idea. I am absolutely going to look into this for our little one’s birthday party! This great idea is really wonderful to make any party memorable. Thanks a lot for sharing

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  16. cakespy February 25, 2017 at 4:37 am

    Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a true believer in unicorns. This is awesome for my next birthday party (and yes, I am in my 30s!). BEAUTIFUL!

  17. @cakespy February 25, 2017 at 4:39 am

    Well, I now have the theme for my next birthday party. https://t.co/TI8Y4ItIGZ

  18. jenn s. February 25, 2017 at 10:09 am

    Thanks, Jessie! I’m in my 30’s too and right there with ya on the unicorns! ;)

  19. Best Cheap Party Supplies May 5, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Awwe!! Unicorn and kid . what a cute combo . Isn’t it? Lots of love to you :) <3

  20. Katty Perry January 17, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    These theme party ideas are really loved by all. I would like to decorate my party by your amazing ideas. Give more tips for a birthday party. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Amphasis June 23, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    That rainbow pasta is just lovely, any kids will go crazy about. I am going to do this for my son next birthday party.

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