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Pirate Party Homemade Cake

HWTM Printables

If you’re on a *treasure* hunt for pirate party ideas… x marks THIS spot! 😉 I’m excited to share this Pirate Birthday Party theme with you today. It features one of my favorite color combos and lots of playful (& totally doable! 🙌) creative ideas.

Scroll down for a close-up view at the individual ideas – from fill-in pirate party invitations to Caribbean Punch, Pirate Bananas, “X Marks the Spot” Loot Bags, and more!

P.S. Two expanded versions of these pirate party printables are available too: 1) the Pirate Birthday party collection and 2) the Ahoy, Baby! baby shower collection.

Free Printable Pirate Party Invitations

Pirate Letters

These paper mache letters are a great way to personalize the party too. In addition to pirate phrases, try decorating the name or initials of the guest of honor!

Pirate Party Decorations - Paper Mache Letters

“Caribbean Sea” Pirate Party Punch

I always love dressing up drink dispensers, and pirate party punch in particular looks great decked out with ripped bandanas, chains, and rope!

Pirate Party Punch

Jolly Roger Jello Ships

Cute toppers are for more than just cupcakes! Little ones will love these fun & colorful jello pirate ship snacks.

Jolly Roger Jello Ships - Pirate Party Food

Pirate Bananas

Proof that even “healthy” party treats can bring smiles. (P.S. This a cute “anytime” surprise for lunch boxes too!)

Pirate Bananas - Pirate Party Food

Pirate Party Sandwiches

Cookie Cutters make sandwiches (or “sandys”) fun too! I added some crushed potato chips to the PB & Honey for a bit of that awesome salty/sweet combo AND so we could label them our “crunchy skulls”. ;)

Pirate Party Food - Skull and Shark Sandwiches

Homemade Pirate Party Cake

I’m definitely no pro when it comes to cake decorating, but have enjoyed challenging myself with all of the Fisher-Price parties to find easy/doable ways to make homemade cakes (by other non-pros like me) still look awesome. Gotta say I love how this one turned out! See the first image for a full view of the cake, and then the image below for a close-up of the top.

Colorful store-bought candies (grape Starbust jelly beans, red licorice, rock candy, and a gold-wrapped chocolate) plus a printable topper did the trick for this “x marks the spot” inspired design. And the topper IS customizable by age – the printable “pirate sail” with the number on it is available in 1-9. :)

Pirate Party Cake Decorations

Pirate Dress Up Station

What little pirates wouldn’t love to dress like a MATEY?! Use a printable sign to invite them to plunder some goodies to dress up with…

Pirate Party Dress Up Station

And of course you can never have too much gold at a pirate party… ;)

Pirate Party Gold Chains

X Marks the Spot Favor Bags

Send your guests off with a little “loot” before they sail away. These cute DIY favor bags are super easy to make!

Pirate Party Favor Bags - X Marks the Spot

HWTM Printables


Hope you’re able to have some fun with these ideas! If you need more inspiration, check out our Pirate Party Archives here on HWTM.