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unicorn party printable sign

I’m excited to share more details from Rylie’s Magical Unicorn birthday party with you today!

I posted the unicorn dessert table earlier – along with a tutorial and detailed price breakdown – so this one will cover everything BUT the sweets. ;)

Magical Unicorn Party Printables

My Magical Unicorn printables are available in our store! Use them to add instant style and personalized details to your party. 🙌 You can edit the custom text yourself – right on the website – whenever (and as often as) you need to! Click here to buy this collection.

Magical Unicorn Printables

Party #Goals

My goal for this party was to make it feel dreamy and sparkly, but not overly “busy” or overwhelming… which can actually happen pretty easily when tons of glitter and confetti are involved. To achieve a good balance, I incorporated lots of white space and high contrast text into the design of the printables, and mixed some of the busier decor elements with solid colors and generous spacing. The end result was something that I think girlie-girls of all ages can appreciate!

unicorn party decorations and centerpiece

Unicorn Party Tables

If you’re a “frequent Target run” person like me, there’s a good chance you’ve seen those paper mache animals in their craft aisle. Well…. I finally found the perfect excuse to use the unicorn and pegasus versions! These cute little creatures got quick coats of spray paint and served as table centerpieces and decor. Tip: metallic paint covers them way faster than regular spray paint.

I also scored these small balloon letter words (FUN, PARTY, YAY) at Target a while back, in the “dollar bin” section. When they’re not busy decorating a party, they look cute as part of my everyday office decor! FYI – I’ve also seen a lot of larger ceramic balloon words like this at Ross recently.

unicorn party place setting

The super simple place settings were one of my very favorite things from this party! I fell in love with some gold lashes napkins by Meri Meri and decided to add some candy horns on top to make them look like little sleepy unicorns.  I used pink and blue candy melts + a unicorn horn candy mold to make the horns.

The star/moon plates are part of the Martha Stewart collection at Michaels. The paper cups (in 3 different styles) are also by Meri Meri and were purchased at Posh Little Designs.

I also added a silver “horn” to this sequin lashes wall art to turn it into another “sleepy unicorn”. ;) The “i believe in unicorns” banner is by xo, Fetti on Amazon.

i believe in unicorns banner

The “party favors” were also the craft activity from this party (more on that below), but I personalized bags for the girls to use to carry them home – along with some extra dessert table sweets!

Let’s All Be Unicorns!

We had fun unicorn headbands available for each guest when they arrived. I hot glued little sequin patches to some plastic unicorn headbands from Amazon to give them some extra sparkle.

The Find Your Unicorn Name activity that sat next to the headbands was a HUGE hit! The girls loved figuring out their unicorn name and then telling everyone else about it.  You can download my free printable sign for this right here.

unicorn name sign free printable

I ordered the cute “mermaid sequin” star and heart patches here.

unicorn horn headbands sparkly

Unicorns Dreams Ahead…

Up next are a couple things that greeted guests outside our front door, in addition to the “Come in for birthday magic!” printable poster that was actually on the door. (The unicorn items below were purchased on Amazon).

unicorn crossing party sign

I always love hanging decorations from the ceiling… it really makes a huge impact on your party! Honeycomb balls and paper stars were perfect for this theme.

pink blue gold party decorations

Balloons Galore

Balloons were another main decor element for this party. Right when you walk in our house, there’s a huge wall shelf you see right away, and it really throws off the vibe of the party if the things on the shelf clash with the theme, which was definitely the case with this one!

So… I put all of our “everyday” decor from these shelves in a couple bins for a couple days and “re-stocked” the shelves with balloon garlands like this:

pastel balloon garland wall shelf

These balloons are actually from a Pastel Unicorn Balloon Arch Kit by Shimmer and Confetti.  I ordered this kit and their regular Unicorn Balloon Arch Kit, then mixed and matched the balloons to work well for this party.

Lots of balloons were used to embellish other areas of the party, and the 2 balloon colors from the kits that weren’t part of my main palette (purple, light green) were utilized in one of the games. P.S. The girls also had an absolute BLAST popping all these balloons at the end of the party! ;)

unicorn table centerpiece and place setting

Since we couldn’t fit everyone at our main dining table, I brought in a 2nd (smaller) table that needed a “linen”. That linen was this awesome black and white fabric shower curtain… also found at Target, of course! ;)

pink unicorn party drink and sign

Most of the printables had glittery accents, but the paper mache pegasus definitely got the biggest dose! Here’s a little shot of the glittering in action + the final design at the party.

pink and gold pegasus decoration

A Bit of Magical Fun

I put some serious thought into the activities for this party… since keeping kids busy at this age is a priority, but other factors come into play too – like minimizing the potential mess, staying away from breakables (most kids were ages 6-8), keeping material costs under control, etc.

I ended up running with “Magical Creature Jars” as the main craft – and I’ll go into more detail on these in a separate post. The “jars” are plastic though… and at least sand/glitter doesn’t stain like paint and food coloring can! ;) We had lots of fun with these…

unicorn party activity magical creature jars

Another easy station was our “Unicorn Beauty Bar”. We just set out glittery makeup, brushes, and unicorn-themed temporary tattoos and let the kids go to town. (Some of them REALLY went to town with this station at the end of the party when it was mainly “free play” time though!) 😳🤣

unicorn party beauty bar

Rylie saw me make a Rainbow Balloon Chair for Balloon Time a while back, and ever since then she specifically asks if I can make a “special chair” for her on her birthday. I used glue dots to add big plastic rhinestones to the chair this time and VOILA! A perfectly coordinating “birthday girl chair” for present time…

birthday party chair makeover

Last but not least, is the photo booth! I designed a sign for this area too – and ordered a set of super cute Unicorn Photo Booth Props from Amazon. They matched perfectly and there were SO MANY of them.

unicorn party photo booth and props

The photo backdrop is made from 2 Pearl Fringe Curtains from Decorative Novelty. Of course they all wanted to get in some of the pics together, so you can see way past the backdrop in this particular photo – but it worked beautifully for close-ups with just a few of them at a time!

custom unicorn party name sign

Hope you found something here to help with your own magical unicorn party! If you have questions on anything I didn’t cover, please feel free to ask away in the comments!

And if you haven’t checked out the unicorn dessert table yet, click here to head over there now.

pastel unicorn birthday party cake

Magical Unicorn Party Printables

Printables are my favorite *secret weapon* for adding unique style to any celebration! Click here to customize my Magical Unicorn collection for your own party – instantly, online. 🤗

Magical Unicorn Printables