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DIY farm animal mason jars craft

Turn plain mason jars into adorable farm animals with a little craft paint + felt!

Use these darling jars as table centerpieces for a Farm Birthday Party or as creative holders for utensils, straws, pens, etc. They’d also be cute as everyday decor for a playroom or elementary classroom!

There’s no need to be precise or perfect here. I started by painting the jars, then freehand cut the felt pieces to turn them into a Pig, Chick, and Cow. I think the crafty/imperfect look adds to their charm. 🥰

Farm Animal Mason Jars


You’ll Need:

  • mason jars*
  • craft paint (pink, yellow, black, white)
  • paintbrushes
  • felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

* I used 32 oz wide-mouth jars for the pig & cow, and a 16 oz regular jar for the chick.


1. Paint glass mason jars with 2 coats of craft paint to match the animals you’re creating. For example, pig = pink, chick = yellow, dairy cow = white with black spots.

2. Paint the mason jar lids separately, in a contrasting color.

3. Cut felt into simple shapes for the face and ears, then hot glue them to the jars.

4. Use a paintbrush or pencil eraser and craft paint to add the eyes and nose details.

pig chick and cow mason jars

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