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DIY Tutorial: Patriotic Glitter Animals

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Glitter Party Animals

It’s no secret that we have a glitter obsession… but a little sparkle never hurt anyone, right? ;) Since glittering is one of our favorite decorating DIYS, we figured it was time to share our technique. And what better way to learn than with these Patriotic Glitter Animals from our “All-American County Fair” 4th of July Party? Get ready to have fun, make a sparkly mess and combine it with a little “red, white & moo”!

Glittery Party Sheep


by: Hostess with the Mostess


Toy Farm Animals

  • Toy Farm Animals
  • Red, White & Blue Loose Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Glitter Sealant or Clear Acrylic Sealer
  • Paper Plates (to catch the glitter)
  • Rubber Gloves (only if you don’t want to be a sticky, glittery mess) ;)

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Gather your supplies & cover your work station well, it will get messy. TIP: We glitter into a large box, to keep all the glitter & spray adhesive contained.

2. Working over the box, take your first farm animal and generously coat in spray adhesive. TIP: If your farm animals are a dark color & your glitter is light, you may want to spray paint your animals a lighter color to keep from having to do so many coats of glitter.

Glitter Animal DIY

3. Put a paper plate inside your box and pour the glitter over your (now sticky) animal. It may feel like you are wasting a lot of glitter, but whatever doesn’t stick to the adhesive, you can reuse! Just fold your plate in half and funnel the glitter back into the jar. Repeat until your animal is fully covered. TIPS: We like to use a different paper plate for each color glitter. Also, make sure to take your plate out before you spray any adhesive. You don’t want your glitter sticking to the plate if you want to reuse it!

4. Let Dry.

5. Once the glitter is dried, spray a generous coat (or 2!) of glitter sealant. Let dry.

6. Embellish your glittery animal with a cute glittery top hat & a printable patriotic flag + sparkly pom!

DIY Glittery Cow


Happy Crafting :)

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