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hunger games buffet table with lamb stew

What’s the most important about a Hunger Games themed Party? The FOOD of course! Because regardless of the theme, no party guest should ever actually go hungry. ;)

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For my Hunger Games Party, I decided on a realistic-sized menu for a viewing party of the new DVD. It was so fun deciding on which dishes to serve! There were some obvious choices like Lamb Stew and bread from Mellark’s Bakery, as well as more tongue-in-cheek choices “Haymitch’s Drunken Noodles”. (I picked up that clever idea from this Hunger Games Book Club Party that we featured earlier this year… and in order to help keep things easy, I just ordered the noodles from the Thai place down the street!) Scroll down for complete menu details…

hunger games party with a mellark bakery

hunger games food ideas including rue's berry salad

hunger games food ideas

hunger games party bread

hunger games dinner party with haytmich's drunken noodles

hunger games party ideas: apple slices with goat cheese on pita bread

hunger games salad



Rue’s Berry Salad (Crumbled goat cheese, chopped walnuts, blackberries, raspberries & blueberries on a bed of mixed greens.)
Haymitch’s Drunken Noodles
The Capitol’s Lamb Stew
“Peeta” bread with {Prim’s} Goat Cheese & Apple Slices
– Assorted breads from Mellark’s Bakery
Mr. Mellark’s Cookies for dessert (packaged in white envelopes, of course!)

If you have some other favorites to share, please chime in below! :)