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Celebrate your little mermaid in style with sparkly party hats that look like mermaid tails *diving* into a sea of blue tissue fringe! 🤩

This crafty, cut-and-glue project is guaranteed to make for some super cute mermaid party pics. 🧜‍♀️ You can also pre-set one of these hats at each place setting for a darling mermaid birthday party table. Change up the colors however you like in order to match your party. To make the birthday girl’s party hat stand out, make it a unique color that only she has, or add some extra embellishments to it – like scrapbooking flowers or rhinestones. 👑

mermaid birthday party hat tutorial

Mermaid Tail Party Hats


You’ll Need:


1. Download and print/cut out the party hat template.

2. Trace the template onto glittery card stock and cut out the two pieces.

3. Roll the main piece into a cone shape and secure it with staples.

4. Use a hot glue gun to add the tailpiece to the top of the hat and the tissue fringe around the base of the hat.

5. To make the hats wearable, add elastic bands to the bottom or hot glue them to headbands. Enjoy!

mermaid party hats - green blue purple

These glittery card stock colors all came in one pack that I found at Michaels. For the festooning tissue garlands, you can use all one color or mix up the shades of blue, as seen above (light blue and turquoise).

mermaid birthday party hat with blue fringe

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